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    • Fuel saving method of diesel engine

      Diesel engine, which is most widely used in farmland, is impressive for its loud noise and slow start in winter, resulting in a waste of oil. What are the methods of using diesel engine to save fuel? The following will give you a detailed introduction to


    • Agricultural machinery helps the comprehensive utilization of crop straw

      In recent years, Anhui Anqing Qianshan Agricultural Mechanization Service Center has closely focused on the fertilizer, feed, fuel, base material and raw material utilization of crop straw, gave full play to the role of agricultural mechanization, guided


    • "Agricultural machinery experience" in the revitalization of rural industry

      Based on the reality, Qingdao agriculture and rural Bureau of Shandong Province has risen to the difficulties, built a platform and improved services, continuously enhanced the attraction and cohesion of rural areas, driven capital, talents and other prod


    • Small parts should not be ignored in the maintenance of harvester

      Bearing: during daily maintenance, lubricating oil shall be filled according to regulations. Grease the small holes sealed at both ends. During re loading and unloading, do not knock hard. Pay special attention not to knock the outer ring of the bearing,


    • Agricultural machinery services have made great achievements

      In Rudong County, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, many people cant help thumbing up when they mention Gao Xiangping and his Pingping agricultural machinery repair factory.Gao Xiangping was once an agricultural machinery operator. In the past agricultural


    • How to adjust the fuel supply time of single cylinder diesel engine

      Fuel supply time of single cylinder diesel engine:1. When the oil supply time is too early, the mixed gas will form in advance and ignite and burn prematurely. The expanded gas will produce a back compression force on the rising piston. At the moment of d


    • The self-improvement of agricultural science

      To achieve self-reliance and self-improvement in agricultural science and technology, we should not only "top the sky", focus on long-term development, deploy cutting-edge technologies and basic research in advance, and strive to occupy an impor


    • Causes and solutions of diesel engine cylinder knocking

      Causes and solutions of diesel engine cylinder knockingThe symptoms of cylinder knocking of diesel engine during operation are: from medium speed to low speed, it will make a heavy cylinder knocking sound, the exhaust pipe emits black smoke, and sometimes


    • Repair method of diesel engine gear

      1、 Reversing method: for the wear of one side of the gear surface, if the structure allows, you can change the position of the gear or turn it over 180 degrees, and use its non worn side, but it is better to turn it over in pairs, or replace the matched g


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