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    Fuel saving method of diesel engine

    2022-01-17 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    Diesel engine, which is most widely used in farmland, is impressive for its loud noise and slow start in winter, resulting in a waste of oil. What are the methods of using diesel engine to save fuel? The following will give you a detailed introduction to the fuel-saving methods of diesel engines and point out the way for farmers!

    Nine methods of diesel engine fuel saving

    1. Use the fuel-saving smoke reducer: fix the fuel-saving smoke reducer vertically in the front oil circuit of the fuel injection pump and connect the DC power supply. The fuel-saving effect is very good.

    2. Use diesel oil additives: add diesel oil additives directly into diesel oil according to the specified proportion, and use them after stirring and dissolving. Generally, it can save oil by about 10%.

    3. Installation of negative pressure valve: the installation of negative pressure valve on diesel engine can reduce the gas pressure in diesel engine crankcase, maintain a certain negative pressure, prevent oil leakage and reduce oil consumption.

    4. Use of combined piston ring: the use of combined piston ring can generally reduce the fuel consumption by 1.2g / (kW · h) compared with the old ring.

    5. Installing inertia supercharger: installing inertia supercharger on S195 diesel engine can generally increase power by 7.35% - 11.03% and reduce fuel consumption by 3% - 5% During installation, the inner wall of the intake pipe shall be clean and smooth, each joint of the pipe shall be sealed with gasket, and the upper part of the pipe shall be supported to make it firm.

    6. Wrap toilet paper on the filter: wrap two layers of toilet paper on the filter element of diesel and oil filter in winter and four layers of toilet paper in summer, which can improve the cleanliness of oil and reduce the oil consumption.

    7, add foam plastic filter core: in the air filter two layers of wire filter, plus 1 layers of good permeability, thickness of 8-20mm foam plastic, can improve the filtering effect, ensure the normal combustion of oil, reduce fuel consumption.

    8. Reconstruction of oil return pipe: the oil return pipe of S195 plastic diesel engine is connected to the intake pipe. The oil return is in the form of mist droplets and enters the cylinder with the air, up to 20-59g / h. due to poor atomization, oil is wasted. Now the oil return pipe is connected to the oil inlet pipe of the high-pressure oil pump to make the oil return enter the low-pressure oil circuit, which can maintain normal combustion and have a good oil saving effect.

    9. Timely remove carbon deposits: during the operation of diesel engine, complex polymers will form carbon deposits on the top of valve, valve seat, fuel injection nozzle and piston, increasing fuel consumption. If the carbon deposit is removed in time, the oil saving effect is obvious.

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