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    Agricultural machinery helps the comprehensive utilization of crop straw

    2022-01-10 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    In recent years, Anhui Anqing Qianshan Agricultural Mechanization Service Center has closely focused on the fertilizer, feed, fuel, base material and raw material utilization of crop straw, gave full play to the role of agricultural mechanization, guided by the subsidy policy for the purchase of agricultural machinery, and continuously innovated the socialized service mechanism of agricultural machinery with new business entities such as large agricultural machinery households and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives as the carrier, Carry out demonstration and application of new machinery and new machines and tools, and explore effective ways to promote comprehensive utilization of straw by agricultural mechanization.

    At present, among the straw utilization of main crops in the city, rape straw and single season rice straw are mainly crushed, thrown and returned to the field. During oil rice rotation, rice straw is mainly used for collection, bundling, feeding or fuel utilization. Wheat straw is mainly used as fuel and base material. Corn straw is mainly used for ear silage, ear picking yellow silage and straw returning to the field. While doing a good job in returning straw to the field to improve soil fertility, the city also actively promotes the collection and utilization of straw out of the field, especially in view of the new situation that straw has been returned to the field for many years, the occurrence of crop soil diseases and pests is serious, and actively does a good job in the promotion of straw out of the field. It is an agricultural mechanized straw comprehensive utilization system that combines straw returning and leaving the field, pays equal attention to straw recycling and commercialization, and integrates agricultural machinery and agronomy such as deep tillage and no tillage.

    Today, the city has subsidized 873 high-power tractors, 350 straw crushing and returning machines, more than 100 straw binding and straw processing machines, and 508 combine harvesters with straw crushing and returning functions. The crop straw yield is about 260000 tons, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw is 93%.

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