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    Small parts should not be ignored in the maintenance of harvester

    2021-12-27 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    Bearing: during daily maintenance, lubricating oil shall be filled according to regulations. Grease the small holes sealed at both ends. During re loading and unloading, do not knock hard. Pay special attention not to knock the outer ring of the bearing, but gently knock the inner ring of the bearing.

    Tensioning wheel: the tensioning wheel is used to adjust the tension of V-belt and plays a great role in the effect of harvester. The tensioning wheel is greatly worn during operation, and most of it is located on the outside of the machine body. If it is not maintained properly, it is easy to be affected with moisture and rust. Therefore, in addition to keeping clean, the center point should be filled with high-quality lubricating oil every day, and the whole plate should be wiped in the leisure season.

    Chain: due to the large amount of dust in the chain work, it is easy to be covered with shaft mud and affect the transmission, so it should be cleaned regularly. You can clean it in gasoline first, then soak it in engine oil for about 30 minutes, remove it, drip it dry and then use it. At the end of each season, the chain shall be unloaded, soaked in oil, coated with butter, wrapped and placed in a dry place. The sprocket shall be scrubbed with gasoline or diesel and coated with grease for rust prevention. When installing the chain, the chain shall be wound on the sprocket first, and then threaded into the chain pin. When threading, it shall be threaded from the inside to the outside, so as to install the connecting plate and lock from the outside. It shall not be tight or loose, and there shall be some room for movement. During disassembly, the hammer can be used to tap the two connecting pins on the same connecting plate in turn, pull out the pin and remove the chain. If the chain pin is deformed, file it first and then disassemble it.

    Tire: keep the tire at a certain pressure every day. The empirical method to check the air pressure is to drive the vehicle to a hard and flat road, the tire pattern plane contacts the road surface, and there is no large deformation on the tire side, so the air pressure is appropriate. Before each inflation, clean the valve and drain the dirty liquid in the air cylinder or cylinder. In order to ensure that the expansion and stretch of the newly installed inner tube are not discounted, a small amount of air shall be filled first, and then inflated to the standard air pressure after installation. After inflation, check the valve for air leakage. It is forbidden to approach oil or corrupt inflammables. Wooden blocks shall be placed under the tires during storage.

    V-belt: once the V-belt is stained with grease and oil, it is easy to slip, which will accelerate the damage of the V-belt. It should be cleaned in time. Gasoline can be used for cleaning. When gasoline cannot be found in urgent need, alkaline water and other cleaning agents can also be used for cleaning. Oil operation must not be carried out. At the end of each season, when maintaining the harvester, remove the V-belt and hang it in a ventilated and dry place, or loosen the tensioning wheel to make the belt loose. During installation, when the distance between the two wheels is about 1m, press the middle of the V-belt with your fingers, and the belt should drop vertically by 10-20mm. Check the tension of V-belt frequently during use and adjust it at any time. Old and new V-belts cannot be used at the same time.

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