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    Chinese exports to the UK set a record, according to British media

    2022-02-14 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    About one in seven of Britain's imports came from China last year, making Britain more dependent on the country than ever before, according to new figures.  

    In 2021, China exported about 63.5 billion pounds worth of goods to the UK, with more than 6 billion pounds each in office and telecommunications technology, the report said.  In total terms, Chinese goods outnumber German goods by about £12bn and us goods by about £26bn.  Chinese goods account for about one-seventh of total imports.  

    "Dependence on China has been rising steadily for a decade, reaching an all-time high of around 14 percent of total imports in 2021," said Anna Boyata of Juli Aon.  

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