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    "Made in China" to develop green transportation market in Greece

    2022-01-17 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    In order to achieve its carbon emission target and promote sustainable development, the Greek government has vigorously promoted the development of green economy in recent years. In addition to the gradual transformation of energy consumption to green and clean, it has also accelerated the development process of green transportation in the country, especially by gradually replacing fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles, The transformation of Greece's green transportation strategy has also attracted the attention of a large number of international electric vehicle manufacturers, including Chinese enterprises.

    Recently, the central Greek city of Trikala welcomed a batch of electric buses manufactured by BYD, which is also the first time the city has put into operation. It is reported that the electric bus delivered this time is 12.5 meters long, which was ordered by BYD's official dealer Petropoulos in Greece and donated to tricara to promote the green and sustainable development of public transport in the city.

    It is worth noting that Trikala has the largest Christmas theme park "spirit mill" in Greece, attracting the attention of all Greek tourists for sightseeing and vacation. In order to promote environmental protection and sustainable development, the city will promote the development of green transportation as a key priority, and integrate the promotion of electric buses into the city's sustainable urban transportation action framework. The celebration activities of the Christmas theme park focus on environmental protection and sustainable development. In terms of the organization of the activities, it focuses more on the "green" theme of reducing carbon emission footprint, paying attention to environmental sensitivity and using renewable energy. To this end, the electric bus delivered by BYD will also be fully invested in the green transportation guarantee of the city to and from the Christmas theme park, provide people with a comfortable and environmentally friendly ride experience, promote the rapid upgrading of green transportation in the city, and advocate the concept of green sustainable development.

    In October 2020, the electric bus manufactured by Yutong Bus for Greek highway transportation company was put into trial operation in Athens, becoming the first passenger electric bus in Greece. In January and February 2021, BYD K9 electric bus was put into trial operation before bidding on the road in Athens, Greece. During the trial operation, it traveled an average of 320 kilometers per day, showing a series of advantages such as zero pollution, low dB, high endurance, fast charging and humanized design of BYD electric bus, so as to inject vitality into the green, clean and sustainable development of urban transportation.

    At present, the Ministry of infrastructure and energy of Greece is bidding for 770 electric buses and hybrid buses in Athens and Salonica with a total price of more than 380 million euros. It is expected that high-end electric buses made in China will actively explore the green transportation market in Greece and participate in the construction of sustainable development in Greece in the future.

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