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    The harvest field is the most beautiful picture

    2021-09-23 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    Grain harvest, melons and fruits fragrance, rice and beans roll up thousands of waves. This is a field of hope, this is a harvest of China!

    General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "China is a large agricultural country, and focusing on agriculture and consolidating the foundation is the basis of reassuring the people and the key to governing the country."

    This year is the first year of the 14th five year plan, the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, and the key year for consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation and effectively connecting with rural revitalization. It is of special importance to win a bumper harvest in agriculture, so as to provide strong support for making a good start and taking good steps in the 14th five year plan, promoting high-quality economic and social development and building a new development pattern.
    With the theme of "Celebrating the harvest and feeling the party's kindness", on September 23, the autumn equinox of the lunar calendar, we ushered in the fourth Chinese farmers' harvest festival. Over the past three years, the harvest festival has gradually become popular and popular. It has become a festival for hundreds of millions of farmers, a symbol of Chinese agricultural civilization, and a window to comprehensively promote rural revitalization.

    The more we face risks and challenges, the more we need to stabilize agriculture and ensure food and important non-staple food security
    At the historical juncture of marching towards the second Centennial goal, firmly grasp the initiative of food security, shoulder the responsibility of food security, and resolutely fight the battle for the protection of cultivated land and the turnaround of seed industry. The picture of China's bumper harvest is becoming more and more magnificent.
    Walking into the corn field of Zhang zhandong, a large grain farmer in dahala village, bayintala Town, Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia, full fruits are covered with straw. "I planted 200 mu of corn this year, with a production capacity of 1100 kg per mu. It's a good harvest!"

    In recent years, China has vigorously implemented green production actions such as reduction and efficiency increase of chemical fertilizer, green prevention and control and substitution of organic fertilizer for fruit, vegetable and tea, and the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizer has increased negatively for four consecutive years. In 2020, the utilization rates of pesticides and chemical fertilizers of rice, wheat and corn will reach 40.6% and 40.2% respectively, 4 and 5 percentage points higher than that in 2015.
    ——Take the structural reform of agricultural supply side as the main line and take the road of rejuvenating agriculture by quality.
    "One water for two purposes, one field for more income, stabilizing grain and increasing fishing, and grain and fishing win-win." Cui Xiaoping, the person in charge of Jilin Gemini Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., introduced: "symbiotic planting and breeding of rice and crab has not only improved the water quality conditions, but also greatly improved the quality of rice." in recent years, Songyuan City has promoted the comprehensive planting and breeding area of rice and fishing of 72000 mu per year.
    Extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain and build a supply chain.
    Recently, the sales shop of zhenai farm in Changgang Town, Fengkai County, Guangdong Province kept ringing customers' orders. This year, zhenai farm provided more than 200 self cultivated sealed chestnut seedlings to growers for free, and helped more than 20 nearby farmers sell sealed chestnut on a commission basis. In 2020, Fengkai county will produce 167700 tons of chestnut, with an output value of 503.1 million yuan, driving more than 1800 farmers. At present, the planting area of oil chestnut in the county has reached 132500 mu, and the output is expected to reach 18000 tons this year.
    Sinc the beginning of this year, all localities and departments have continued to focus on increasing farmers' income. In the first half of the year, the per capita disposable income of rural residents nationwide was 9248 yuan, an actual increase of 14.1%, and the living standard has reached a new level.
    We will give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core, hundreds of millions of Chinese farmers are working hard to promote rural revitalization and stride towards a better tomorrow of agricultural and rural modernization.

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