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    Science and technology is powerful and harvest is in hand

    2021-06-28 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    The wind blows the wheat waves and the eyes are golden. Agricultural machinery operators are driving the harvester to chase the wheat wave, harvesting from south to north, helping the harvest.

    "The 2000 mu wheat I planted has been harvested, and the average yield per mu is about 650 kg, which is a stable harvest year!" Deng Hui, a big grain grower in Lixin County, Anhui Province, was in full bloom. In the main wheat producing areas across the country, smiling faces are a tribute to the bumper harvest. Behind the harvest is that science and technology are making efforts to lay a stronger foundation for agriculture, to fill the granary more fully, and to stabilize China's rice bowl.

    Variety upgrading accelerates wheat yield and quality improvement.

    During the wheat harvest season, experts from the national wheat industry and technology system carried out the yield measurement of three high-yield wheat fields in Guoyang County, Anhui Province. The results showed that the yield per unit area of the three fields was more than 800 kg. Among them, the final yield measurement data of "Yannong 1212" in songpaifang village, Dianji town is 847.1kg/mu.

    Seed is the "chip" of agriculture. In order to get a good yield, we must first get good seeds, and the cultivation of improved varieties is a key link. Xiao Shihe, chief expert of the national wheat industry technology system, said that in recent years, China has cultivated a number of new wheat varieties, which have achieved remarkable results in yield improvement, quality improvement and resistance breeding. The yield increase of wheat is the most obvious among the three main grains, and the replacement of Wheat varieties has laid a solid foundation for the summer harvest.

    The wheat planting area of the agricultural crops cooperatives in Dongming County, Heze City, Shandong Province is more than 20000 mu. Since last year, nearly 80 percent of the cooperative's land has been replaced by a wheat variety called "new wheat 26"“ Xinmai 26 "is a high-quality and strong gluten wheat variety, which has the advantages of resistance to lodging and high temperature in the later period, and is one of the four super gluten varieties published by the national wheat industry technology system. Liu Hongli, head of the cooperative, said that from the actual harvest, the new wheat varieties not only yield higher than other varieties per mu, but also the wheat grains are more full.

    Xinmai 26 has become the leading variety of high quality and strong gluten wheat production in Huanghuai wheat area of China. It has become the backbone supply variety of domestic large-scale flour making enterprises such as wudeli, COFCO and Yihaijiali. It is not only favored by farmers, but also sought after by grain purchasing enterprises, and the overall benefit is slightly better than that of old varieties.

    A series of new wheat varieties with stable yield and excellent quality "blooming in one hundred flowers" have greatly improved the yield stability and commodity grain quality of large-scale wheat production, and further guaranteed the food security in China. The strong gluten varieties such as Xinmai 26 and Shiluan 02-1 meet the demands of high quality and high efficiency flour processing industry and market through the combination of good seed and good cultivation technology, and achieve high quality and high yield and income. The yield of new wheat 9369 and Zhongmai 6052 can be maintained under the condition of reducing nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer by 20%. Based on the high yield in large area, Yangmai 33 has been stable to high resistance level in recent years and is in the leading level in the world. Under the condition of irrigation water of wheat during the whole growth period, the yield per mu of Zhongmai 5051 and hengmai 29 is more than 500 kg, and the water saving is 40-50 square meters.

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