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    77% of the national "three summers" wheat harvest

    2021-06-15 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    According to the data of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the area of wheat has been harvested in China is 234million mu, and the progress of wheat harvest in the whole country is 77%.

    From the situation of different regions, the wheat harvest in Anhui Province is over 80% in progress, 70% in Shaanxi, 60% in Shanxi, 40% in Shandong and 30% in Hebei.

    After more than 10 days of continuous struggle, Anhui Province has over 42 million mu of wheat in the field, and the harvest is over smoothly. To realize the wheat production "18 Lianfeng".

    Lushiren, director of agricultural and rural Department of Anhui Province: through new varieties, the expansion of production base and improvement of benefit and quality have been led by new varieties. The area of special wheat in Anhui Province has reached 62.8%, which has reached the best level of summer grain production in recent years.

    In Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, large-scale combine was organized to be put into operation in order to ensure timely wheat harvesting; At the same time, the technical maintenance service team composed of agricultural machinery technicians and maintenance personnel will go deep into the field to carry out the tour service.

    Xudeli, general agronomist of Lianyungang Agricultural and rural Bureau, Jiangsu Province: our new varieties and new technologies have been rapidly promoted. New wheat varieties such as Huaimai 33 and Lianmai 7 have been widely used, such as Huaimai 33 and Lianmai 7, etc.

    Anyan, the Department of planting management of Shaanxi agricultural and rural department, reminded farmers that on the one hand, we should seize favorable weather, speed up the progress of summer harvest, and pay close attention to the weather forecast.

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