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    Agricultural socialization service helps to boost the high yield and high harvest of summer food

    2021-06-07 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    At present, it is at the critical period of "three summers" production, and all regions vigorously promote agricultural socialization services to ensure high-yield and high-yield summer food. According to the preliminary statistics of 11 provinces, the agricultural service organizations participating in the "three summer" operation this year are expected to reach 219500, serving food crops of nearly 455million Mu times, serving 33.8239 million small farmers.

    According to the person in charge of the relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, all localities vigorously promote agricultural socialized services. By carrying out production trusteeship, without transferring the land management rights, the service needs of thousands of households in the production process of "three summers" are concentrated, providing farmers with centralized and continuous services such as mechanical harvesting, straw treatment, deep loosening and land preparation, sowing operation, field management, etc, Through service organization, advanced and applicable varieties, technology, equipment and other modern production factors are introduced into agricultural production.

    According to relevant estimates, the grain yield per mu increased by 10% to 20% in the whole process of trusteeship, and farmers' per mu cost savings increased by 350 yuan to 390 yuan (including labor costs), effectively improving farmers' enthusiasm for growing grain.

    It is understood that in recent years, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas has guided all localities to actively cultivate service subjects, innovate service modes, promote resource integration, and improve support policies. In 2017, the central government set up a special financial project for socialized services of agricultural production, with a total investment of 21 billion yuan in five years to support agricultural socialized services based on production trusteeship. This year, the focus of project fund allocation is on the major grain producing areas, with a total of about 3.7 billion yuan allocated in 13 major grain producing provinces, accounting for 68% of the total funds.

    According to preliminary statistics, in 2020, the national agricultural production trusteeship service area will exceed 1.6 billion mu, of which the service area for food crops will exceed 900 million mu, and the service will drive 70 million small farmers. In solving the problem of "who will plant the land, how to plant the good land", ensuring the national food security and the effective supply of important agricultural products, promoting agricultural cost saving and efficiency, and increasing farmers' income and output It has played a positive role in promoting small farmers to enter the track of modern agricultural development.

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