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    Strengthen supervision and guidance, actively prepare for "three summers"

    2021-04-19 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    In order to effectively, orderly and effectively organize the "three summers" agricultural machinery production work, optimize service and strengthen supervision, Shanghai Pudong New Area Agricultural Machinery Technology Extension Station, together with the agricultural machinery management departments of various towns, has organized the on-the-spot supervision and inspection of subsidized agricultural machinery and the inspection and guidance of safety production since April 15.

    Combined with the annual work arrangements and the recent key work arrangements of Pudong New Area agricultural machinery station, the on-site supervision and inspection carried out the full coverage verification of the harvesters, tractors, direct seeding machines, transplanter and sprayer sprayers which were subsidized by Pudong New Area for 2017-2020 years. At the same time, combined with the "three summer" farming practices, we focused on the maintenance of rice transplanter, rice direct seeding machine and agricultural drone aircraft. The exhibition site inspection and guidance work, to ensure that the subsidy agricultural machinery in a good technical state effectively into the Pudong "three summer" agricultural production, give full play to its main role.

    The supervision and guidance work requires that the agricultural machinery management departments at district and town levels should attach great importance to scientific deployment, clear division of labor, and strengthen responsibilities; further strengthen the propaganda and guidance of relevant policies such as agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and scrapping and renewal subsidies, so that the majority of agricultural machinery users can further understand the content, procedures and requirements of subsidy policies, improve the awareness rate of subsidy policies, and expand the scope of agricultural production People's right to know, increase the transparency of the work, let the policy of benefiting the people deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, implement; inspection found that the situation of subsidizing agricultural machinery is not in place, should cause great attention, seriously analyze the reasons, put forward rectification measures, and timely track the implementation of rectification, ensure the effectiveness of supervision and inspection work; for the "three summer" agricultural machinery maintenance is not in place, to on-site guidance, immediate supervision Rectification, to ensure that all agricultural machinery in the best technical state to go all out to prepare for the "three summers.".

    In recent years, the Pudong agricultural and Rural Committee has firmly grasped the bull's nose of "intelligence" and worked hard on the word "wisdom". In this on-the-spot inspection, the agricultural machinery intelligent supervision platform of Pudong "city brain" agricultural management plate was used for the first time. Through big data, cloud computing, 5g technology, Beidou Positioning and other technical carriers, Pudong subsidized agricultural machinery was managed in a fine, intelligent, fast and efficient way, which helped to promote the supervision and management of subsidized agricultural machinery, and realized the intelligent push of online data and accurate and efficient offline disposal, so as to effectively improve the quality of agricultural machinery The digital management ability of agricultural machinery supervision and management work has been improved.

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