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    Construction of "full mechanization + comprehensive farming" service center

    2021-04-14 | Pageviews: CHANGZHOU FOAN M AND E CORPORATION
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    In order to promote the form innovation, mechanism innovation, technology innovation and integration innovation of agricultural machinery socialized service in Suzhou, and realize the upgrading of agricultural machinery socialized service, recently, Suzhou Agricultural and rural Bureau of Jiangsu Province formulated and issued the implementation plan for the construction of Suzhou grain production "full mechanization + comprehensive farming" service center.

    The overall idea of the implementation plan is to take stable grain production, guaranteed supply and high quality as the primary task, take serving farmers as the foundation, adhere to the market-oriented, adhere to reasonable planning and layout, constantly optimize the service mechanism, enhance service capacity, improve service efficiency, give full play to the main role of agricultural machinery in grain production, promote the agricultural machinery service mode to adapt to the moderate scale operation of grain production, and promote the development of agricultural machinery With the continuous improvement of grain production technology, green and safe production level, it plays a positive role in promoting the overall, high-quality and efficient development of agricultural mechanization and helping to take the lead in basically realizing the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. The goal and task is to build 100 "full mechanization + comprehensive farming" service centers for grain production in the city by 2022, and summarize and form a replicable and extendable agricultural machinery socialized service mode and experience suitable for the production and development of main grain crops in our city in the process of agricultural mechanization transformation and upgrading.

    The implementation plan defines the construction subject and construction standard. The service center can be independently declared by family farms, farmers' cooperatives, agriculture related enterprises and other new business entities registered in accordance with the law and operating normally for more than 2 years or jointly declared by collective farmers' cooperatives or collective economic organizations belonging to the same town (Village) (the main reporting unit shall be specified). The construction entity shall abide by relevant laws and regulations, have a fixed place, internal management system and risk guarantee mechanism It has a good reputation with the society and a strong ability of sustainable development. The construction standards include complete infrastructure functions, advanced and complete agricultural machinery and equipment, strong service driving ability, obvious demonstration and leading role, and standardized and perfect system construction.

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